On my Powerbook I'm running into two extremely annoying Debian bugs. The first is that the Mac-on-Linux modules don't work for my kernel, #325418. There are no precompiled modules, and the mol-modules-source package which is supposed to be buildable isn't. So I just don't have the modules and I can't run Mac-on-Linux.

The other one isn't so crippling, but it's still very annoying. The sound driver dmasound_pmac doesn't load on boot, because it claims to depend on both saa7134 and dmasound_core, and they both define the same symbol, so they can't both be loaded. This is #358824. In point of fact, the correct symbol is the one in dmasound_core, and to get it working, I just do:

$ sudo modprobe -r saa7134
$ sudo modprobe dmasound_core
$ sudo modprobe dmasound_pmac

These must be executed in this order every time I reboot, and then the dmasound_pmac is loaded and /dev/mixer appears and everybody is happy. However, when pbbuttonsd (the daemon that controls volume and brightness with the Fn+F1-F5 keys on my Powerbook) was loaded at boot, it didn't find a mixer and refuses to control the volume. So I must also do /etc/init.d/pbbuttonsd restart in order to get my volume control back. It's a pretty annoying bug, and I'm sure it would take two seconds to fix. Oh well.

If you know of a good way to make it not automatically load saa7134 (as a band-aid until the problem is properly fixed), please tell me. I tried blacklisting it in /etc/modprobe.d (doesn't work because blacklist only affects autodetection, not modules loaded through dependency) and hacking my modules.dep (regenerated on next reboot), but I'm out of ideas.