I’m doing Rationality Boot Camp in California this summer. It’s a ten-week program which should, if you believe the marketing literature, make me better at understanding how my brain works and acting to achieve my goals.

I’m going to keep this blog updated at least weekly with my experiences, because lots of people have asked me to keep them in the loop with how the camp goes – and I don’t want to have to tell the same stories over and over again. Also, my friends can keep tabs on me and make sure I’m not joining a cult, a concern which several have raised. (Semi-jokingly. But something to keep in mind, even if you judge the probability low: Every Cause Wants to Be a Cult)

So far, I know nearly nothing. The organizers have been uncommunicative. Not a good start, right? :) But my roommate, who is doing the mini-camp, has gotten lots of information, a schedule, photos of the people involved, and lots more besides.