First unscrew the screws on the top and bottom of the Firewire port. You’ll also want to pop off the little white protector ring around the port – there are four plastic hooks, on the top, bottom, left, and right. Insert a flat screwdriver to pop them off.<p/>

Now slide the metal perforated casing off the back by gripping the camera and pushing on the Apple logo. When you get to the end, it might take some extra pressure. My Apple logo popped itself off at this point, which was fine; if you have trouble getting the casing to slide off, you may want to pop off the logo beforehand.<p/>

Okay, you’re done with the mystery part. You can now unscrew the three screws around the lens. The lens slides off the front, you’ll have to do some wiggling, but don’t push it too hard, because you’re still attached via cables. This is where I stopped – I could see some screws on the lens piece, but I didn’t want to detach the cables in order to unscrew them, so I put the whole thing back together at this point. And it still worked! Hooray.<p/>