We at Techhouse have started a cooking coop this semester. It's a huge part of my life so you'll probably see a lot about it (when I update, which is not that often during school...)

Anyway, we have 8 people, we make meals 4 days a week, and each person cooks (with one other person) once a week. It works out very nicely -- I only have to make time once a week, and I really like cooking about that often, and then the other three days I can be busy and then show up and have a nice dinner with people. And it saves us massive amounts of money too! I'm sure if you scroll down you can find my anti-mealplan rants and calculations. Well, the coop costs me 20 or 25 dollars a week, and provides four dinners a week, plus a good amount of leftovers. So my money consumption rate is incredibly low. It rox.

What have I cooked? Well, I've helped Haynes with some Southern style dinners like fried catfish and hush puppies, as well as chicken bacon pizza (using a Boboli pizza crust 'cuz we were a little lazy that day, although today I think we would make our own crust). I've also been at the helm of an eggplant lasagna and a meatloaf, both of which were (in my opinion) pretty good.

That's an interesting thing I've noticed. I generally don't think too highly of my own works or creations, but when I'm cooking and I make something that I like, I don't act all modest. I don't know why I do it for cooking but not my other stuff.

Anyway, I'm sure you'll see more posts about cooking now that I'm actually doing it on a regular basis. I don't usually write down recipes. Maybe I will. Funky.