tax_t form_1040ez (Person* p) {
	// 1. fill out tax form
	// 2. ...
	// 3. Profit!
	return tax;    // <== flagrant pun

^^I decided to put this in the ‘coding’ section of my blog. There’s your code. :P<p/>

I’ve just finished filling out my federal 1040EZ. They owe me $272.49, which is pretty significant, for a college student! My process for filling it out was to do it on TurboTax’s website – when I did it, they told me that I would get $272. But I didn’t want to pay Intuit 10 of my hard-earned dollars just to print the damn thing, so I filled it out on my own. I grabbed a 1040EZ from the government’s site, printed it, and broke out the ol’ ballpoint pen. How quaint.<p/>

Next step is to do the MA one. Apparently they owe me another $230 or so. I’m excited. I’m gonna get 500 dollars back! To spend… or not to spend… I do want some cobalt flux DDR pads. But I also continually need money for school next year.<p/>

UPDATE: I ended up e-filing through TurboTax. I claimed a discount for my tuition expenses in both my federal and state tax returns. What that means is MONEY! I don’t have to pay any taxes – I’m getting it ALL back, for a total of over 900 dollars back, theoretically. The forms were definitely going to take me many painful hours to fill out manually, even with hints from TurboTax, so I decided to pay them the $70 (40 fed, 30 MA) to have them do it for me. I don’t feel very bad, only a little. :) <p/>