I’ve been working on projects from the Linux on POWER challenge projects. It’s this contest; you can read about it there if you want, but it’s basically promoting Linux on PPC64 by giving prizes for building or porting applications to that platform.<p/>

Amusingly, I already successfully ran two of the apps on the Tier 3 list: cmdftp (which needed a tiny change in a .h file) and log4cplus (which just worked when I did ./configure && make). I emailed them about both of these. The FAQ mentions something about how a trivial app may not be eligible for the prize. I’ll keep cranking on them – maybe if I do enough trivial ports they’ll give me a 1000$ anyway. I dunno. Maybe what I did on cmdftp is good enough to count as a port; if it is, then hopefully money for me! :)<p/>