This should be fun -- I'm planning on taking CS 167/9 next year. For those who don't know, that's Operating Systems and its associated lab (yes, it's a separate course, half-credit). Mwehehehe. I'm excited already.

Yeah, yeah, you're supposed to have 32 under your belt. But, after all, being a genius programmer and all that (^_^), I think I can do it. Plus, Lucia also did it with only a year of CS behind her, and so this isn't unheard of.

Anyway, there's much lore about CS169. According to an assignment is 18 this semester, CS humor dictates that CS169 takes 169 hours a week. Lucia says it will kick your ass or be the best class you've ever taken, or both. I want it to kick my ass! I shall proffer it for the kicking! Partly because as of yet, I don't really believe in the CS department, and so if they destroy me I will have more reason to respect them. I think this is going to be the first "real" CS class I'm taking -- that is, where I'm not second-guessing the teacher left and right (even then I probably still know a significant portion of what they are going to tell me, but the assignments will be actually hard instead of tedious, etc.)

Bring it.

If all goes well, my schedule next semester is shaping up to be: CS 31, CS 51, CS 167, CS 169. /smirk. That would freaking rule. 51 will likely be the worst again (just like 22 this semester) but I think it's necessary. If I decide it's not, then I drop 51 and go for physics, engineering, math or maybe even a humanity. (Oh, the humanity.) Yes, this is only 3 and a half credits. I am taking 4.5 this semester, though, and if 169 is really as hard as people say (and I don't even know if it is) then I will thank myself.

Random fun link: HTTPanties