I fixed my blog, hooray! If you’re reading this, you’re looking at the new way to consume my blog. Hopefully not too different from the old way.

Postmortem: blosxom.cgi (my old python blogging platform) bit the dust for unknown reasons. I didn’t investigate too hard. I’m skeptical of anything ending in .cgi (or actually, any kind of self-hosting these days). So I’m over on Github Pages, with Jekyll, and hopefully that means everything is good and you can read my blog.

Unfortunately, I think this also means I broke a bunch of URLs. I don’t even know what my old url scheme is. If it bugs you (maybe you bookmarked a post of mine) I’d like to fix the urls, but I don’t even have any idea what my old schema was, so someone will have to tell me what they expect to see. :) Thanks.