I am quickly rising through the ranks of TH :) – I’ve been elected Project Manager and Haynes, and I have also been appointed to join the ranks of the server roots. The root password was decided today. No bribes are currently being accepted, but watch this space!<p/>

My election as Haynes was probably the most interesting. A couple months back was the semester officer review, where everyone pretty much got to praise the officers and take a vote of confidence, as well as giving them feedback. Well, Haynes is pretty high profile and people like making fun of him, so we had a vote of confidence for Haynes, and he received a resounding no (7-4, I think). So he’s due to be replaced as Haynes. I and three other people (Haynes himself, Tara, and one other person whom I forget) ran for Haynes at the officer elections, and I won, 18 (me) - 17 (Tara) - 7 (Haynes). With a clear mandate among the 25 or so voting members, I am happy to accept the position of Haynes for the upcoming year.<p/>

Projects? Awesome. Elite, even. I love projects and I love Techhouse and it’s gonna be sweet :). I’m sure you’ll hear about them incessantly in the next year or so!<p/>