Okay, so I’ve been playing a good amount of DDR in the past few days (…yeah, by “days” I mean “months”). I’m up to eleven-footers on ITG, a commercial DDR clone (arcades, PS2, and their songs are also available for StepMania, presumably illegally).<p/>

Eleven-footers! That’s pretty good, if I may say so myself. Charlene was my first; I beat it right before I went on vacation from school (the 20th or so). I haven’t played with a pad since then (I practice with StepMania at home, but no pad) – but I suspect I can beat Xuxa and possibly Infection as well.<p/>

Anyway, DDR is about the only real exercise I get, especially over break and everything. It’s good, though – fun and exhilarating, especially when you’re going that fast. We have Cobalt Fluxes at Techhouse and they rock a LOT. They haven’t broken, which is highly encouraging considering the amount of use they get (hint: several hours of play when they’re used, many different people, shoes, etc.; and they’re used almost daily). Every other pad we’ve had, hard and soft, has broken under this load in less than two months, and this has lasted about three so far. So we’re happy. (We better be, considering we paid $600 for the pair of pads!)<p/>