PyAutoRefresh is an implementation of Warcraft III AutoRefresh in Python, so it is suitable for people who are running Warcraft 3 on a Mac or Linux. The original AutoRefresh now claims to support Mac and Linux via Mono, so you may want to check that out instead.

To get it running, go to the GitHub repository and click Download and choose Zip. Save the file. Unpack the zip. Launch a Terminal and change to the directory you unpacked the zip. Now start Warcraft 3 and host a game. Press Cmd+M (to minimize WC3 into a window), switch to your terminal, and run './' to launch the autorefresher. Now you can go back to WC3 and watch as your slots fill up.

This process is a bit onerous, I know. If you can't figure it out, contact me (email is lincoln at this site's domain, or through GitHub) and we might be able to work something out. Or submit code to improve it! :)